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DENKER Rotary Planing and Carving Head
When roughing out a carving, and a large amount of wood needs to be removed before finish carving can begin, power carving can eliminate a lot of tedium.  The problem is that cutters aggressive enough to efficiently remove a lot of material quickly are generally capable of “catching” the wood and causing a violent kickback.  That is why we developed the DRPCH-35....
It is all about control.
This is THE safest, most versatile, efficient ¼” shank power carving tool available.  Its faces ride the surface of the workpiece to guide and limit the cut.  The cutter is easy to sharpen in seconds on the furnished arbor using any bench grinder or abrasive wheel.

It cuts just one clean chip per revolution, but at 10-15,000 RPM, that can be up to 1 lb of wood removed per minute.  Using the tool in any 1/4”  collet machine , you can easily rough-out any shape very quickly.  
¼” shank fits any ¼” Rotary Tool, VS router, flex shaft, or spiral cutter with a speed control
Low torque requirement: far less than burrs, carbide-coated grit wheels, or sanding drums
Shielded single cutter is on front face, cannot violently kickback like a multi-tooth cutter
Tubular hardened steel cutter can be rotated to use its entire circular edge before grinding
Adjustable cutter easily removed and locked by a setscrew using standard 3/32” hex key
Sharpen cutter freehand on bench grinder in seconds, held on friction fit arbor (included)
62 RHC cutter (standard industrial part, always readily available) lasts years in normal use
Flat face for rapid freehand jointing and planing rough, warped, and uneven surfaces flat
Conical faces guide head to make fast, smooth, clean, effortless cuts when carving contours
Shear-cutting action carves even green or resinous wood and burls that load grit wheels