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RH or LH use – Easily makes 10 lb of chips per hour – Other hand free to position workpiece
62 RHC hardened steel tubular cutter holds its sharp edge far better than most traditional tools
Hone cutter in place or rotate to use the entire 360° circular sharp edge before re-grinding
Grind 45° bevel in a few seconds freehand on arbor using any bench grinder or abrasive system
Safer, faster, more controllable than pushing a chisel – Pulling causes no hand bruising or pain
Quickly shape any wood part, creates no dust – Clean, shallow tool marks require less sanding
The DENKER Carving Shave...
It is all about control.

Make no mistake… this is NOT just another scorp.  It is a revolutionary new type of tool unlike anything you have ever seen!  It is an incredibly efficient planing tool for shaving even the toughest hardwood, knots, and end grain!  It generates perfectly faired flat, convex, or concave surfaces.  The hard steel tubular cutter lets you take off as much or as little as you wish, any place the circular cutting edge can touch.  It is like having a precision plane on the tip of your finger.  The shielded edge is exposed only enough to cut.  It is the safest carving tool ever made.  Carry it unguarded in your pocket!    It can trim and fit joints, fair and chamfer or round-over edges, hollow chair seats, and even flatten rough, warped lumber.   It is absolutely, the most versatile and productive wood shaving tool you can buy…. period.





No person who works with wood should be without this tool!