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Some of Our Carvings
Redbud Crotch Dish, 9”w x 14”L x 3”h
Black Cherry Crotch Bowl, 12”w x 12” L x 5” h
“Spirit of The Lord”  Plaque, White Ash, spectacular figure,
If you have questions, or are looking for a certain size, color, style, or species of wood, please e-mail Jim Denker for answers and photos of other 1-of-a-kind carvings.  We have many ready to choose from.
If your favorite yard shade tree becomes a windfall, Jim could carve a piece of it into a beautiful and useful bowl, dish, or tray.  The soul of that old tree would become eternal as an heirloom serving in all  future generations of your family.  Please call Jim to commission an unique custom carving.