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XD Rotary Carver
The unique DENKER XD 5/8-11 Rotary Carver…
It’s all about serious wood removal…SAFELY.

   Make no mistake… this is unlike any other cutter you have ever put in your angle-head grinder.  It is not a disk with big scary teeth, or abrasive donut that only rubs the work surface until it gums-up with dust and resin.  It can not load-up like other cutters because it makes 200 clean chips/sec, but NO dust.  It can not grab and kick back.  This cutter is intrinsically safe. It needs no guard or even a chip shield to make it safe.
   It is an incredibly efficient rotary carving tool that cuts even the toughest hardwood, knots, and end grain!  Its hard steel tubular cutter slices away as much or as little as you wish, any place the circular cutting edge can touch.  It is like using a hand gouge… you simply push it forward to make it cut.  If you do not move the tool, it will not cut at all.  The conical bevel rides on the surface of the concave path it is cutting, just like a hand tool would, except that power eliminates the cutting effort.  The cutter is balanced and under 1-inch diameter, so it operates safely and quietly at the full speed of any electric or air powered angle-head grinder that has a standard 5/8-11 UNC threaded spindle.
   Because it makes only one chip per revolution, the torque requirement is very low, so reaction forces are also low.  It quickly removes lots of wood, makes almost no dust, and its small size lets you work inside confined spaces inaccessible to other cutters.  The tubular cutter can be rotated to use its entire sharp edge.  It can be removed and replaced by a spare, or reground in a few seconds using the supplied arbor and any bench grinder or sharpening wheel.  The hard steel 62 RHC cutter can be sharpened many times.  It is the most productive and economical power carving tool available.
See this truly amazing tool in action.
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