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Here you can see some of the most beautiful one-of-a-kind, freeform sculptures, vessels, bowls, dishes, and trays available anywhere, all hand carved by Jim Denker.  Each of these works of art begins simply as a piece of wood, often just a log, split firewood, or a crotch from a windfallen tree, selected for its natural shape or some interesting feature that catches the eye of the artisan.

You also can see the amazing DENKER Carving Shave, used for both  roughing and finishing, which Jim has developed to improve the hand carving process.  By making carving easier, faster, safer, and far more pleasurable, these tools enable anyone to generate perfectly faired contours without having to be highly skilled in the use of dangerous chisels.  Using this shave is so intuitive that a beginner can quickly learn how to carve by following these three basic rules:
1. Press the conical bevel firmly against the work piece surface while making a cut.
2. If the tool is hard to pull, change the direction of cut until it becomes easy to pull.
3. To shave end grain, wild grain, or knots, use a side of the circular edge to skew-cut.

Once you learn these basic techniques, you can easily carve the toughest hardwoods!
Red Cedar Bowl, 12”w x 16”L x 4”h